.Over & Under Watersports, Inc.

361-946-I FLY  (4359)

Fly Boarding comes to Port Aransas !

The Flyboard is a revolutionary new water sport that allows users to swim like a dolphin and hover up to 30 feet in the
 air. This is done by wearing a board that propels a high volume of water out of two nozzles.
A jet ski generates the power, and a 50 foot hose redirects the water from the ski to the Flyboard.
As long as the jet ski is providing power, the rider can hover in the air for as long as he or she wants.
A certified instructor is on the jet ski the entire time controlling power, providing safety and instruction.
We specialize in first time instruction and aim to have every new rider up in the air in a matter of minutes.

In Port Aransas, Texas each rider will be greeted at the public dock at Robert's Point (just left of the Ferry exit)
and provided a boat ride out to the deepest, and most beautiful waters just outside of the ship channel. From there, our certified flyboard instructor will give instructions on how the flyboard works and begin teaching you just how easy it is. Each flyboard lesson will be around 20 minutes and your time out on the water will be at least an hour. Your adventurous spirit will soar to new heights as you master this great experience. 
We all dreamed of flying now it's possible to realize that dream with Over & Under Watersports, Inc.

Some items you may want to bring: sunscreen, bathing suit ,shorts, towel , water.

P.O. Box 1789, Port Aransas, TX 78373